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Personal Productivity Training

For busy professionals and community leaders,  personal productivity training converts energy into results.

Work Smarter Sooner

What's it like to work one-on-one with an organizing and productivity consultant?  

Our clients say it's like working with a personal fitness trainer.  The process is tailored to you, but always includes:

1. Organizing & Time Management Basics

You'll learn key deas that will stick, presented in the context of your own office environment.

2. Fresh Ideas to Get More Done

You'll practice innovative approaches to getting more done, tailored to your natural preferences and your individual strengths---served in bite-sized pieces.

We might begin with your inbox, whether it's a pile of papers on your desk or a bunch of emails sitting in your Outlook message folder. We'll show you new ways to handle what comes in. Then you'll try putting these processes to work.  You'll be developing new habits and skills that will pay back for life. 

3. Motivation & Accountability for Lasting Change

You've got a job to do, and we know it's tough to stay focused in a distraction-driven work place.  We'll keep you on target, and help you recover---and clear out your inbox---even when events make it tough to stay on track and on top of your results. 

"One-Month-At-A-Time" Flexible Commitment

Improving time management skills and learning to work smarter begins when you carve out the time to sharpen your saw.

Our clients make meaningful progress investing as little as 4 hours a month in personal productivity training.  But what if you feel like some months you can't make that commitment? 

Good news: we can help you take it one incremental step at a time, to suit your schedule and your business cycle.

  • Our 30-Day Personal Productivity Training Package combines one-on-one training at your office with remote phone and email support for a full month.

  • Every 30 days, you decide if you want to keep going with another 30-day commitment.  No pressure---you set the pace and frequency that works for you.

If it's time for you to get organized and enhance your personal productivity "fitness," call 941-927-6858 or contact us now for details.
Business Man In Suit In Starting Position on Running Track
Kate Brown has been instrumental in helping me as an ADD person to cut the paper clutter and other obstacles that continued to get in the way of improving my productivity.

She used the right combination of tools, tips, and programs to change the way I was doing things. I will be ever grateful to her for that."

Larry Face, 
Leadership & Management Consultant
Next Level Achievement, 
Sarasota, FL
For a new outlook on order, give us a call at  941-927-6858 or contact us.