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Office Organizing & Time Management Training for Gulf Coast Professionals
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Getting Organized:
The difference between "getting busy" and getting things done.

If you're ready to take your personal productivity to the next level, we're ready to help you get your most important tasks done sooner, with less stress. 


Time Management & Beyond

Our clients spend their workdays doing more of what they love to do---solving problems, serving clients, forwarding their missions.  We help them improve the way they:

  • Manage time & control calendars
  • Organize information & find documents fast
  • Leverage tools, such as email & Blackberry
  • Communicate effectively, clearly & actionably 
  • Prioritize work flow
  • Build habits for sustained results

Fresh Organizing Solutions

Similar to many organizing and productivity consultants, we provide ideas and insights to help our clients work smarter.

But beyond that, we're known for an important difference: we're always looking for new productivity tools, new behavioral research, new approaches to time management and the challenges of working effectively in the digital age.
Some of our best ideas and tools come from our clients. Some we've licensed from trusted professional colleagues and productivity experts.  Some we've discovered on our own.

If you're ready for a fresh outlook on order, we're ready to help.
“Kate has the unique ability to assess your needs and introduce organizing ideas that are easy to implement and maintain... because they match your style. 

All of this getting organized has allowed me to actually use the information I collect--- and to focus on what’s important.”

---Barbara Somma,  
Executive Coach & Career Consultant,
Defining Destiny,
Sarasota, FL